What You Need to Know About the 2019 Ford Raptor

What You Need to Know About the 2019 Ford Raptor

0 By Jason

Few trucks command the respect and loyalty that the Ford F-150 does, and among F-150 fans, few vehicles are as coveted as the legendary Raptor high performance truck. 

The Raptor first appeared in 2010, at which time it was billed as the SVT Raptor and marketed as a premium off-road vehicle, one that built on the strengths of the original F-series vehicles while also providing specially designed suspension and model-specific long-travel springs and shocks. 

The Raptor flourished from 2010-2014, before seeing a second generation redesign and rebrand for the 2017 production year. The second generation Raptor borrowed from the recently released thirteenth generation of the F-series, including a new aluminum body, but it retained its unique suspension system and its off-road bona fides. 

From the beginning, the Raptor was viewed as being an elite vehicle, one that was made specifically for drivers who needed a truck that could travel anywhere. Given the wide range of contexts in which the F-150 is used, from agriculture to construction to the forestry industry, Ford has always been careful to offer a wide range of trim options for their most popular vehicle. 

With the Raptor, however, Ford had designed a vehicle that was designed to go above the needs of the everyday driver to serve workers in some of the toughest and most demanding jobs in the world. 

This is why the release of a new Raptor is always met with great excitement among Ford fans. A new model of the Raptor isn’t just an opportunity to see the latest grille designs; it is a chance to see the future of truck engineering take shape before one’s eyes. 

If you want to get unbeatable prices on a Ford truck that has consistently been rated one of the most unique and accomplished vehicles on the road, here are a few things you can look for in the new 2019 Ford Raptor:

  • New adaptive dampers from Fox Racing that automatically adjust the truck’s suspension as driving conditions change in real time. 
  • Trail Control: a low-speed cruise control designed specifically to help the truck achieve a pre-set speed while climbing over rocky terrain and up jagged slopes. This is an especially useful feature for drivers who don’t have extensive experience with off-roading over rocky terrain, as it helps reduce the number of dings and scrapes you’ll have to deal with. 
  • Recaro Seats: the Raptor excels when leaping over rough terrain and taking on the bumpiest, most uneven trails in the world. And while its world-class suspension is designed to make the trip as smooth as possible, Recaro seats provide even more support, making sure you stay comfortable no matter how rugged the road gets. 

It is frequently noted that the Raptor is not for everyone: as an elite, high performance vehicle, it won’t really help you get to the office any faster. But if you need a truck that can get the job done in even the toughest and most inhospitable conditions, then the Raptor just might be the perfect truck for you.