Top 5 Phone Apps for Every Sports Fanatic

Top 5 Phone Apps for Every Sports Fanatic

0 By Jason

Staying up-to-date on your favorite sports teams is easier than ever in today’s world. The resources available for checking up on team statistics or the score of last night’s game are unlimited, especially when it comes to phone applications. Now you don’t have to flip through the channels to find ESPN or surf the web to find info on your favorite team; it’s as easy as opening an app on your phone. If you consider yourself to be a sports fanatic and want easy access to scores, stats, and even live-streaming, check out these five apps for your iPhone or Android.

Bleacher Report and Bleacher Report Live

If you are a die-hard fan of a specific team the Bleacher Report app is for you. Although it is not ideal for general sports information, it is perfect for following one team or sporting franchise of your choosing. As soon as you download the app you’ll be asked to pick your favorite team, and from then on you won’t need any additional resources for keeping up on the latest details. You’ll have access to everything from scores to news stories to high-definition videos. When you download the Bleacher Report Live edition you’ll be able to stream live footage for your team of choice.

CBS Sports

The free CBS Sports app gives its users access to live streaming of a variety of sporting events and you can easily find high-def footage of the highlights from that game you missed. You can easily get updates from your favorite teams, players, and leagues.

The Athletic

If you are willing to pay for your next sports app, one of the best ones is called The Athletic. For $9.99 a month you’ll get the most in-depth coverage available of your favorite teams and players. Even if you want to follow a local or college team, The Athletic has you covered. Not sure ten bucks a month is worth it? Consider a free trial for seven days to try it out.

ESPN and WatchESPN

If you want the latest updates on sporting events around the world, just download the ESPN app for iOS or Android. You won’t find better information on your favorite players and teams anywhere – you can set your phone to allow for notifications from the app informing you on the latest sports news. If you want to stream live games and sporting events straight from your phone, download the WatchESPN app. With this you’ll never feel behind when it comes to sports, but keep in mind you have to be a subscriber to a cable or telecom provider.


Most people are familiar with the StubHub app and know it as one of the best resources for purchasing tickets. It is not used for checking up on stats and scores but rather it is perfect for purchasing your tickets to sporting events. You can even follow your favorite teams and get updates on dates and ticket prices for every game or event.