Search Optimization Agency On The Importance of an Online Presence

Search Optimization Agency On The Importance of an Online Presence

0 By Jason

If you were to guess at the level of online presence which your business has, what would your answer be? Do you know? Most business owners who operate both online and offline will answer that they have no idea what their online presence is and whilst they may be aware that they have a website and a social media page, beyond that they probably cannot tell you. We were chatting about this last week with the guys from a search engine optimization agency, who specialize in increasing the online presence of companies. If you feel as though you are in the boat with those people who have no idea what their online presence is like, here is why it is so important.

It’s Where Your Customers Are

No matter whether you have shoe shop in the high street or a content marketing company, the customers that you are targeting are already online looking for the best place to buy shoes or go for their marketing. Last year saw record volumes of people using search engines to find the products, stores and services that they wanted, which means that if they cannot see you, your business is missing out on sales and on market share.

Beating The Competition

Let’s say that there are 2 shoe stores in your local high street, yours is one and the other is owned by a tech savvy millennial who is investing time on their social media channels, their SEO practices and their online presence in general. Of the two options, who do you think that a consumer will find when they are searching for the best shoe store in their area? That’s right, the competition. The internet doesn’t care if you have the best prices or the highest quality shoes, or if you have the greatest service between the two stores. What the consumer cares about is that when they search for the best shoe store in the area, they find the only one who has a strong presence, and it isn’t going to be yours. Don’t lose sales and market share to the competition simply because they chose to invest time and money online.

Brand Building

We live in an age where there is so much competition that customers find it hard to place their loyalty which is why building a solid and trustworthy brand is more important than ever before. The best way in which you can build your brand is through a strong presence online that will plant the seed into the brains of the consumers about your company. The more exposure that your company has online the more that it will be seen by the world. As time goes on and you get bigger and more successful, this brand will become very powerful and it will in turn bring you leads and sales.

Don’t dismiss the power of a strong internet presence, it could easily be the difference between success and failure for your company.