Pet Hemp Oil and Beyond – Info About CBD For Dogs

Pet Hemp Oil and Beyond – Info About CBD For Dogs

0 By Jason

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past couple of years you will no doubt have heard about the wonderful benefits which CBD oil can do for your health. It is not just humans however that this can help and we have seen a rise in sales of pet hemp oils as we learn more about the great benefits which CBD can have on dogs. CBD is the active compound which you will find in hemp oil and here is some additional information which you should know about what CBD oil can do for dogs.

It Isn’t Psychoactive

Contrary to what many people believe, CBD is not psychoactive at all for humans or for dogs. The psychoactive compound which you may be thinking of is called THC, CBD on the other hand will not get your dog high, or even close to it.

Reduces Anxiety

If your dog suffers from separation anxiety or has a fear f the rain or fireworks, you can find great success with CBD oil as it has been proven to reduce anxiety in dogs. There is nothing worse than watching your dog trembling away when the rains come down yet a small dose of CBD oil could be just what they need to calm down a little bit.

Cancer Fighter

For many years the idea that CBD oil could fight cancer was just a theory but we now know that the administration of CBD oil in pets has been shown to help reduce the size of tumors and of stopping cancer cells to grow. The CBD oil boosts your pet’s natural defenses and allows them to fight back against cancer.


Recent numbers show that more than 5% of dogs suffer from epilepsy and from seizures, something which can easily be cured through the use of CBD oil. In a recent study of 8 dogs, 7 of those 8 had a 100% reduction in epileptic seizures as a result of taking the oil for a period of 5 months.

CBD oil has also been proven to help your dog with bowel disease and pain relief, it can also help them to reduce inflammation from musculoskeletal diseases or injuries and it has been found to be very good for increasing appetite in dogs. It is understandable that you are wary of this oil because of the plant that it comes from but you really need to look past that and understand the great benefits that this oil can give to your dog. The oil is completely safe to use and it will not put any pressure on their heart or brain, contrary to what many people have had to say on the subject. Help your dog in the best way possible and use CBD oil to reduce their health problems. Always speak with your vet before giving your dog any oil.