Most Managers Do Not Manage Because They Have No Idea How To Do That

Most Managers Do Not Manage Because They Have No Idea How To Do That

0 By Jason

It seems like everyone wants to be a manager these days. This is often because of the belief that once you get the job all you do is delegate tasks and others will do the hard work. While it is completely true that a large part of the job is delegating tasks, there is so much more that needs to be done. Contrary to popular belief, just like all successful managers like German Trujillo Manrique say, when you become a manager you have more work to do.

In various cases we see managers that have no idea how to make a decision and that eventually make the wrong choice. Some even freeze and make no choice. Unfortunately, the manager is simply not adequately trained.

Some signs that the manager needs extra training:

  • Every decision is made is second guessed.
  • There is no idea on how employee issues should be handled.
  • No decisions are actually made.
  • The management style that is used is simply not conducive and does not lead to great employee morale or performance.

To make matters even more complicated, management styles keep changing. What worked really well in the past is no longer effective now and can lead to problems. We see this in so many aspects of life and it is also present in business. The highly successful manager of the past needs to keep learning and has to keep improving. A failure to do this leads to eventually running into a situation that he/she will not be able to make a good decision.

In order to properly build management capabilities, training is necessary. In many cases there are specific training courses that the manager has to go through. A great example of this is discrimination training. The truth is most managers in the entire world do not know anything about how to handle discrimination in their company. Sometimes they do not even realize the fact that discrimination is happening.

No matter how we look at things, training is always going to be needed whenever changes are done in procedures, policies, strategic goals or operating systems. When there is a behavior or a pattern that shows there is a manager that lacks skill or knowledge to handle specific situations, training has to be immediately considered.

If you are in a position to make choices, a great way to see if there is a need for training is to actually talk to the managers. Ask what is needed in order to support development and growth. Such discussions are needed since forcing a manager to go to training in many cases is seen as being a remedial or corrective approach.

The best managers in the world keep learning. This is one of the most important things that you need to remember. When you become a manager or you supervise a group of managers, constant learning and development will always be necessary. Be sure that this is something that is possible and never underestimate the importance of training.