Mike Volitich Talks About Man City’s Chance of Building a Legacy

Mike Volitich Talks About Man City’s Chance of Building a Legacy

0 By Jason

The two most successful clubs in English football are without question Manchester United and Liverpool. These northern clubs have over 35 league titles between them and 8 European Cups with their names on them. After what Alex Ferguson did in the Premier League during the 90s and early 00s, many suggested that a legacy such as this will never happen again, or at least not for a long time. My buddy Mike Volitich however doesn’t believe that this is the case and he believes that the blue side of Manchester are in the process of putting together a legacy which could actually surpass what the Red Devils have done.


We live in the financial age when it comes to football and you only need to look at the top performing clubs in Europe to realize that the most successful are those with the most money. The money is not just about being able to buy players and pay them whatever they like, it is also about creating a club which is snapping up prospects before anyone else, and giving them the best chance of success. Smaller clubs simply cannot compete with the money that Manchester City have, and their endless pot of cash will catapult them to many years of success.

Building History

A decade ago Manchester City had zero history and now they have 4 league titles and 2 domestic cups to their name. Manchester City’s owners made it clear from the outset that they wanted to build a history at Manchester City and this is exactly what they are doing. The Citizens may be a long way behind the number of titles that the likes of Liverpool have, but review the stats again in 20 years and they will tell a much different story.


In the beginning Manchester City were able to get great players because of the money that they could spend, but now they have players wishing to go there in order to win things, rather than simply the money. This is why players such as Tevez, Robinho and Adebayor didn’t stay too long, as they were really only interested in the money. Now you have players at Manchester City who enjoy the money, but are driven towards getting the most success that they possibly can.

All Encompassing

The Manchester City project is about more than just creating a successful team, the board and the owners have invested in a new stadium, new training facilities and in the local community. The owners of the club are looking to make Manchester City a community club which has global reach and smart marketing plus the success on the pitch will do exactly that.

The only thing missing from the Manchester City puzzle right now is a Champions League victory, cement European success and this club will go on to create a long lasting legacy.