Jason Proch – Snagging The Cheapest Flight Deals

Jason Proch – Snagging The Cheapest Flight Deals

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My business partner Jason Proch and I have been trying to get our business off the ground for 2 years now and slowly but surely we are making great progress. During this time we of course had to keep costs to minimum, something which wasn’t always easy given the fact that we often had to fly to the United Kingdom from New York. Knowing that the flights were unavoidable we set ourselves a mission to try and get the cheapest flights that we possibly could each time. We devised a system for finding the cheapest flights and I wanted to share with you the steps that we would take.

Credit Card Rewards

The first point to make is that if you haven’t already, getting a credit card which offers rewards as air miles is a great way to cut the costs of flying. I use my credit card for everyday spends and then clear it at the end of the month, giving me a huge number of air rewards which I can use for companies like American Airlines, to greatly reduce the cost of domestic and international travel.

Connecting Flights

If you aren’t in too much of a rush to get to your destination then you should look into the possibility of taking connecting flights. To give you an example of savings, I recently took a flight from New York to London via Amsterdam, the overall journey time was 13 hours and I had to change at Schiphol airport. The overall cost of this flight with connection was $385 whereas the direct flight was $686 with a journey time of 10 hours. So for 3 hours extra and the small inconvenience of changing planes, I was able to save $300! Check out sites like Kayak when looking for connections.

Cheapest Sites

I have tried searching on all manner of flight companies in recent years for the cheapest flights but I have since discovered that there really are only 2 sites which you should check when searching cheap flights, Skyscanner and Momondo. Usually both come up with the same prices but there are occasionally some differences so definitely be sure to check both. If you haven’t used these sites before, they are what are called aggregators which search the internet for the cheapest cost of flights. Both sites not only search airlines directly but also third party travel operators who very often have tickets at bargain prices. The cheapest flights which you find on these sites will not be beaten anywhere else on the internet so always take their prices as gospel.

The very best time to find cheap flights is as far in advance of your travel date as possible, last minute deals are very rarely cheaper than the initial prices when flights are released, so don’t wait around! If you see a low price, don’t run any risks, buy it there and then to secure your low price flight, if not it can increase very quickly.