How to Choose the Best Car for Business Travel

How to Choose the Best Car for Business Travel

0 By Jason

One of the most efficient ways to travel is by hopping in the car and hitting the road. When you travel by car you won’t have to deal with the hassle of long lines at the airport and annoying security checks. You’ll never have to worry about the airline losing your baggage or potential flight delays. Cars are more fuel efficient, more comfortable, and getting behind the wheel is feeling more and more like a luxury experience.

With more advanced technologies in the automotive industry these days, travelling for business within the comforts of your automobile is more convenient than ever. Some modern vehicles even have WiFi capabilities, so carpooling with business friends is the perfect way to get in a few extra hours of work before your next big meeting. If you are a business traveler and prefer driving to your next meeting or business opportunity, check out what to look for when you purchase your next vehicle.

Find something that is fuel efficient. If you are planning long road trips for business ventures, your first consideration should be fuel efficiency. Not only will you save money on fluctuating gas prices, you’ll also spend less time filling up your tank. Even consider purchasing an electric or hybrid car – these offer the best fuel efficient options and can even reach as much as 99 miles per gallon on the highway. If you are looking for a hybrid option, consider the Toyota Prius Hybrid with an impressive 50 miles per gallon on highway roads.

Consider something with WiFi capabilities. If you are able to carpool with someone from work, another key consideration is WiFi within your vehicle. With a WiFi hotspot you’ll be able to ensure that you get those last minute meeting preparations finished. You can ensure that you are as prepared as ever when you walk into the conference, meeting, or presentation. If you are driving with multiple colleagues, the ideal car with a WiFi hotspot is the seven-passenger Ford Explorer.

Comfort is key. Nobody wants to arrive to their destination feeling stiff from the long car ride. Nowadays it is easy to find comfort in just about every car, so there is no reason to purchase or rent a car that isn’t comfortable. Add-ons like heated seats for the cold winter months and an efficient A/C system for sweltering summer heat are ideal if not essential, so splurge a little on these things to optimize comfort.

Don’t be stingy when it comes to add-ons and innovative technologies. Things like XM Radio, bluetooth capabilities and a high-definition camera may not seem necessary, but they’ll definitely make your life easier. The competition within the car industry mean that each new model is more and more innovative, so take advantage of this. Physical comfort is obviously first priority, but paying a little extra for luxury add-ons will make your life so much easier. As a business traveler your car might serve as a secondary workspace, so why not make it as comfortable as your office.