Fast, Easy, Inexpensive: How Car Subscriptions Are Changing the Game

Fast, Easy, Inexpensive: How Car Subscriptions Are Changing the Game

0 By Jason

It used to be that the only two ways to get behind the wheel of your dream car were to either lease or buy – both options that require quite a long commitment. But there is now a third alternative to driving a car, and that’s subscription services. 

One of their immediate perks is the low monthly payments. Most of them range from $160 to just over $1,000 per month, and most of those fees cover insurance, maintenance, and roadside assistance. Another immediate advantage is that you can switch your car out in just a days’ notice, having only driven it for a minimum of one month; for example, you can go from a sports car to a sedan in less than a week. With subscription services, it has also never been easier to drive a luxury car.

Some other perks of car subscription service include that there are no down payments or any other extra financing charges, and there is no commitment to the subscription services, either. In fact, some are as short as a month. If you have a low credit score or damaged credit, subscription services will also be more likely to accept you. 

The low monthly payments can be helpful in saving money elsewhere, freeing up cash flow for other important things in your life. And yet another advantage is that you can also track and manage your end of the subscription services right from your smartphone or tablet, making it a truly modern form of driving. If you are interested in finding out more perks and advantages, visit AUTO ONE Group to learn more about their car subscription service, which is ahead of the pack in terms of offerings.

A few disadvantages are that the subscription prices are fixed. Most subscription services also use trackers so you can’t do anything like travel outside of the province or state without letting your service know. Most services also have special restrictions that you will need to find out about and follow. If vehicle ownership is important to you, then subscription services might not the right option for you. The monthly subscription price also does not cover fuel, tolls, or accident deductibles.

The best automaker programs with subscription services are those with luxury cars. This is one of the main reasons why it’s never been easier to drive a luxury car. However, luxury car subscriptions may carry more hefty prices, so it is important to find one that marries low monthly prices with excellent cars.

Since car subscription services are so new, some of them are currently only in certain areas – however, some are also allowed to transfer between areas. For example, if you have separate houses for the summer and winter, you will need to check with your subscription service about being able to keep your current car for those months. The same rule applies if you travel for business for the long term.

In summary, this is an exciting new trend in automobiles, one that provides a fast, easy and inexpensive way to try out many different luxury vehicles, all from the comfort of your cell phone.