Eric Wetlaufer Talks About Why More Women Are Into Politics

Eric Wetlaufer Talks About Why More Women Are Into Politics

0 By Jason

Now is a very good time for women in politics and throughout the world we are seeing more female leaders and prime ministers, as well as far more congresswomen and female governors. During my days of studying politics with my good friend Eric Wetlaufer back in Wesson, Mississippi, this was not the case and in fact there was a call for more women to be interested in politics. I still keep in touch with Eric, mainly by email, but last week we had a great night catching up on old times. The conversation turned to women in politics and here is why he believes that there are far more females who are interested.

Social Attitudes

As Eric noted attitudes in general towards women have changed a great deal and no longer are they expected to stay at home and look after the kids. These days we have reached a far more equal landscape were women can go out and have whatever career that they want. This social change has been exhibited in the world of business and politics, two areas which we once dominated by men.

Arrogance of Men

It was only a matter of time before women started to get involved in politics in order to challenge the arrogance of men in politics, who are supposed to represent them. For many years men showed arrogance in there treatment of women, playing with fidelity and with a belief that they were somehow better. As Eric rightfully says, this should never have been the way in the first place and that it is about time that women took some of the power back.


Politics represents the whole electorate and not just males, with this in mind Eric says that for too many years men were making decisions about the lives of women, and the women never felt as though they were correctly represented in the political landscape. This is why not only have we seen more women take on political positions, but why they are so heavily supported by other women.  


For many years women were declined membership to political parties which meant that becoming a politician was very difficult for them. Thankfully however and after much pressure, women now have the same route into politics that men do and this is why we are now seeing more ladies take political positions than in the past.

Role Models

To further inspire many women they have a great number of role models who have made them believe that they can in fact pursue a career in politics. Take the likes of Margaret Thatcher in the UK and Angela Merkel in Germany, two very strong women who were open, honest and frank about their opinions, and could deliver strong messages to men and women about the changing of the guard. In many cases we have seen strong women being taken to court or even imprisoned such as Aung San Suu Kyi, to prevent their voice from being heard. Whether repressed or welcomed into government, these women have proved to be brilliant role models for young girls everywhere.