Eclectic Staircase Design Ideas For Your Modern House

Staircase design ideas for modern house are always improving. Additional creative ideas have been invented and enrich the modern design of house. Staircase, as one of the house part plays also important role in making a statement of your house. Talking about home design, there are plenty idea about staircase, start from normal staircase, wooden staircase, metal staircase, double staircase and slide, and many more. It is all about creative ideas and how to combine all necessary tools with the theme of the house. Either it is a classic house, country house, beach house, modern house, and many more.

Staircase design in simplicity

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Modern house is recently being trend for most of urban citizen who need professional, minimalist, and modern looks for their living place. House is basically the place where you enjoy the most, so any installation in house, including staircase, should also consider the comfortable usage, especially when you have a child. Simplicity in staircase design is the main hint of modern house. Metal staircase is normally the most favorable type, followed by spinning staircase. But try to think outside the box and you might find different style of staircase for your modern house, for example the wooden staircase. People might think that wooden staircase is a signature of country house. Well, not always, in mane occasion wooden staircase has been used to completion of modern house.

Vivid Staircase

This time, we will check one type of minimalist style of staircase design for minimalist house. Vivid staircase design is basically the combination of vivid color and straight lining. For example in modern house which mostly dominated by white and light color. Your staircase will come up with yellow or red. This combined with painted wooden stair. The way to color it is same between the stair and the wall next to it to make a better combination and vivid appearance in your staircase design.