Dayanna Volitich – Tailoring Your Social Media For You

Dayanna Volitich – Tailoring Your Social Media For You

0 By Jason

I was chatting to my good friend Dayanna Volitich recently about politics and the mid-terms that were coming up. During our discussion we were talking about general public opinion on various races for seats, and we couldn’t have been more different in our understanding of what people actually thought about who would win, and who they wanted to win. I was curious about this, as was my friend, so we started digging in a little more as to why we were looking at such a range of opinion on social media. We quickly deciphered that we follow very different people and that was why there was such a difference. I then realized that the information which we consume online, can be whatever we want it to be and I began to tailor mine to something which I want to read. Here is why you should consider who you follow on social media and why tailoring it to your needs is so important.


Let’s start with fitness, my social media pages were once filled with gluttonous food ideas and obscene meal challenges. I guess that throughout the years I have followed these pages because I liked the look of the food, but this was doing absolutely nothing for my weight loss goals. I spent a day unfollowing these pages and instead replacing them with people and companies on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, who were all about clean living and healthy foods. This may not sound important but these pages have actually given me great inspiration and as soon as I wake up and check my feeds, I am instantly inspired to be a better version of myself.


Politics is tricky because everyone has an opinion but you should still look to include a broad range of politically charged social media accounts. For example if you so wish you could make your Twitter feed extremely left wing, and then this will be all that you see, alternatively you could go the other way, and then you will only see that side of events. The best idea is to look for independent ideas, so that you can help to form a more complete opinion.


I hate waking up in the morning and watching my Instagram or Facebook feed filled with negative comments and complaints. I may be friends with these people but their negativity has a direct impact on my general mood. Instead of unfriending these people I simply decided to stop following them, and I have replaced them with people who are more natural in their posts, sharing the good, the bad and the ugly with the world. If you have people who are constantly negative, consider doing the same and upgrade your accounts to give a more honest opinion of what is going on in their lives, and in the world.

Tailor make your social media channels and you will see a big difference.